Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Raspberry Pi 2 Between Lapdock And Tablet

In these days my search on lapdock for my Raspberry Pi 2 had my main focus, until few days ago I aware of tablet.

When bought Raspberry Pi 2, the main focus was on its display even it could use to headless. As common today everybody had a smartphone, so base on idea that I need to bridge between Raspberry Pi 2 and my smartphone on a single utility that make both portable, readable, and easy typing with a keyboard.

The common choice was a lapdock for it was a compact design, easy to port (hack), and very thin. But on market rule that more demand with less supply make price hikes, when I write this it was about $100. Yes it was lower than it initial price but it doubled than lowest price for just about $40 before.

Meanwhile tablet touched its low price around $25 and there are lot cases with a keyboard. So my searching now turned to tablet as a display for Raspberry Pi and my smartphone.

Once had flash on my mind using a LCD panel, but I think it need too many hack than a tablet. Please let me know if you had a better idea in comment below.

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