Monday, August 10, 2015

Raspberry Pi 2 B using VGA Display

Starting from point that Raspberry Pi could and it should connect to any media with or without converter just like a PC did.
While it has only 2 display connector, HDMI and RCA 3.5 4 pin (Raspberry Pi 2 B). Meanwhile VGA monitor display has a cheap price due to mass production, first thing I think that I have to find a way my Raspi can connect to VGA display.
After couple days, finally I find something I can do with Raspi and VGA.

  1. Buy a HDMI to VGA connector, the cheap one.
  2. Configure config.txt in boot partition using nano[ubuntu] or whatever text editor on your OS with sudo : sudo nano /media/yourusername/boot/config.txt
  • uncomment (remove hash tag)
  • uncomment (remove hash tag)
Above configuration should work for VGA for minimum resolution to 640x480, for higher you can try edit below
  • uncomment (remove hash tag) and edit value to 2
  • uncomment (remove hash tag) and edit value to 16
#hdmi_mode= 4
 I found that configuration just work for my Raspi 2 B with VGA monitor display.

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