Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Yahoo Messenger On Linux

Yahoo Messenger 11.5 Running on Ubuntu 12.10
After some browse for using Yahoo Messenger on Linux using wine, finally I come up to winehq database which show how to install Yahoo Messenger. My PC was under ubuntu 12.10 and was successfully installing and running also using Yahoo Messenger 11.

Here some step which end up with successful Installation:
  1. Go to directory of drive C/Program Files of wine, in my pc it was and I call using terminal as below
  2. Create Directory Yahoo! for later use of installation
  3. Since winetricks was include inside wine, so we can directly call winetricks for installation of riched20

    This step will download and install W2KSP4_EN.EXE and dll's about 129Mb
  4. Download Yahoo Messenger From Yahoo here, I install latest version
  5. Proceed with installing using wine to directory we created before (Yahoo!).
  6. We have done, good luck.
Any other opinions please share your experience into comments below.