Saturday, January 12, 2013

Validity Period (TP-VP)

This is the detail of previous post SMS-PDU

Validity Period (TP-VP)

Validity period specifies the time when SM expires. If SM is't delivered before that moment, it is discarded by SC. Validity-Period can be in three different format; Relative, Absolute and Enhanced.


The TP-Validity-Period comprises 1 octet in integer representation, giving the length of the validity period, counted from when the SMS-SUBMIT is received by the SC. The representation of time is as follows:
TP-VP valueValidity period value
0 to 143(TP-VP + 1) * 5 minutes (i.e. 5 minutes intervals up to 12 hours)
144 to 16712 hours + ((TP-VP - 143) * 30 minutes)
168 to 196(TP-VP - 166) * 1 day
197 to 255(TP-VP - 192) * 1 week


TP-VP field is 7 octets long, containing TP-SCTS formatted time when SM expires. See ETSI 03.40 for more information.